Liberasol. The new suction aerosol system.

The production of aerosols during treatment in the dental practice is one of the potential sources of infection between patient, doctor and assistant. The Covid-19 emergency has made it even more urgent and delicate to find technological solutions and procedures that protect people and ensure the maximum safety and comfort. Thanks to its 60 years of experience in the design and production of high quality dental units and devices, OMS presents Liberasol: an aerosol suction system with integrated arm in the dental unit, an absolute novelty that can respond to the security needs caused by the pandemic, and more generally by the spread of viruses by air. Liberasol is a simple and ingenious system, built with high quality materials and components: the suction tube passes inside the water unit and it is connected to an external unit that filters the air and returns it to the clean outdoor environment. Extremely quiet, Liberasol is equipped with a highly performing HEPA14 sterilisable filter and a liquid separation system. It can be chosen with transparent plexiglass extractor hood or with conical tube – both solutions, as standard.
stand-alone version
Liberasol is also available in the stand-alone version, to move freely inside the studio.